Resource Ministries


Food Pantries

Based in local churches, seven food pantries, along with Love INC’s central food pantry, make up the food pantry ministry.
Here is how the system works:

  • Many churches and organizations will partner with Love INC to coordinate food drives, and the donated food is processed at Love INC’s campus in Hudsonville. Volunteers there will organize the food, ensuring its quality. Food is then passed on to the church based food pantries as needed.
  • At the same time, people in need are directed by local churches and agencies to call Love INC when in need of food. People will call the Love INC Clearinghouse where their need is verified. Once the need is verified, the person in need is offered opportunities to improve their situation and gains access to a local food pantry.
  • This way, churches work together to feed those who are truly hungry in our communities, without the inefficiency of each church operating a food pantry.

Other Resource Ministries

The Resource Ministries through Love INC collect, organize, and responsibly distribute resources to those in need. Resources can range from food, to pajamas and anything in between.

These resources are collected through church or business drives, or through the community members that donated items directly to Love INC at the Hudsonville campus (or use the Pick-up service provided by Love INC volunteers).

The collected resources are then organized and responsibly distributed by church-based ministries or Love INC organized projects. The distribution always involves Christian volunteers in order to provide an opportunity for relationships to develop between those in need and Christian volunteers.

The physical impact of these ministries is easy to see. However the greatest impact comes from the love of Christ shown by donors and volunteers as they seek to meet needs in our communities.

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